All One Project

Paloma Sainz

(Zaragoza, 1971)

Founder and director of All One Project Foundation.

Author of the books Mindfulness for children (2015) and Mindfulness in organizations (2018), both of them published with  Zenith (Planeta), now she is working in a collaborative project with different experts from all over the world: Mindfulness to change the world, The Power of Compassion. She has just made a journey all around the globe connecting with some of the most inspiring projects of mindfulness and compassion in education.

Member of the Community of Contemplative Education in Mind & Life Europe.

With a degree in Business Administration, Languages and Information Technology from the University of Wolverhampton (UK), she worked for 15 years in a garment company, with children clothes, creating the brandname, the collections, looking for fabrics, connecting with suppliers,  with numerous trips and stays in many countries around the world, mainly in the Southeast of Asia, which marked deeply her life. There she also connected with the meditation in 1.997.

Marta Castillo

(Zaragoza, 1974)

Administrator at Federico Ozanam Foundation since 2000.

Managing partner of IMEJ Child Education Centers since 2007.

Business Administration and Management by the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. International Master in Social Economy and Management of Non-Profit Entities, by the University of Barcelona.

Expert in Internal Organization, Management and Management of Non-Profit Entities and Development of Social Projects.

Meditator since 1992. Formations and retreats of Yoga and Meditation. Training in different Mindfulness trainings since 2013.

Mother of three children, she believes in the human being's ability to change the world.

Duong Pham

(Vietnam, 1987)

Freelance writer for several magazines.

She is studying about healthy foods, the relationship between the body and food, mindfulness and meditation.

Graduated in Business Administration from the Trade Union University of Hanoi, Vietnam, she worked as a credit expert in Banking in Vietnam.

Training in Meditation in Cambodia in 2015.

Caring for and defending peace, love, human rights and equality. Her ambition is to change the world by sharing love, compassion and attention.

She is currently living in Stockholm, when she is not travelling.

Héctor Cuartero

(Zaragoza 1972)

Founder of ALE, a cooperative for Teachers of Spanish. The goal is to work in small groups, this helps to have a quicker learning, have personal connection and continually adjust lesson content to meet students’ needs.

Mountaineer and monuntain leader certified by Mountain Training UK. Adventure is in his veins, when he travels he climbs, walks or rides a MTB. Ski touring is also his passion. Nature is a master and there we can find all we need.

He would like the planet earth to become a single country.

And all the persons and organizations who join us to make this work possible.