All One 17 Video Gallery

Conference 1. ORIGIN

Julieta Paris (Spain)

“The trip of compassion: neuroscience and human evolution”

Conference 4. BUSINESS


“Mindful and compassionate leadership: a new concept in business”

Conference 2. EDUCATION

Tish Hennings (USA)

“Compassionate Schools Project”

Conference 5. ART

FIVE DAYS TO DANCE (Spain / Holland)

“If we can dance together, we can live together.”. “The Art, connecting with beauty.”

Conference 7: SPIRITUALITY

PABLO D’ ORS (Spain)

“The Art of Meditation. The adventure of the inner silence.”

Conference 3. HEALTH


“Compassion in the Health Service: a quiet and necessary revolution”

Conference 6. JUSTICE

Jose María Márquez -Gopala- (Spain)

“Meditation: Also for Judges & Lawyers”